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How we help people to live again

At Saining Care, we believe in the profound impact of human connection and compassionate support.

We're not just a care agency in Edinburgh – We're a dedicated team driven by a shared mission of making a real difference to both the lives of individuals and the community as a whole. With an eye for details, an open ear for feedback and a real passion for what we do, our mission is to provide high-level help that helps our clients live full, free and fulfilling lives.

Whether that means helping seniors to feel young again, helping those with disabilities see beyond limitations or simply putting smiles on faces, Saining Care is here to make every person we serve feel loved, valued and supported.

In short, we're here to be the go-to agency for transformative home care in Edinburgh.

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The foundational values of our care agency in Edinburgh



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Unwavering Compassion 

We approach each person, be they a care recipient, a family member or another caregiver, with the utmost empathy, understanding and genuine kindness. The Saining Care team is committed to building lasting relationships on a foundation of trust, both out of basic human decency and to support the carer recipient.R8_altText

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Respect for Autonomy

We deeply respect the dignity, autonomy and capacity of choice of each individual we care for. To that end, we work collaboratively with their families and other caregivers to understand their preferences, values and cultural background, carefully weighing up how the care plan can be adjusted to accommodate and respect these factors.R8_altText

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Exacting Quality

Saining Care is passionate about delivering the highest standards of care possible, and this commitment extends to every aspect of our service from our recruitment efforts to the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of care plans.R8_altText


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Total Professionalism

The Saining Care team is hand-picked not just for experience and qualifications, but for what we see as a genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of others. You can be confident that your loved one will receive home care that is compassionate and respectful at all times.R8_altText

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Client Empowerment

Saining Care believes in empowering our clients to maintain as much independence and control over their lives as is safely possible. In line with this belief, our home care in Edinburgh is designed to provide on-hand help when it is required, and outside of this to foster a sense of dignity and self-worth.R8_altText

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Open Collaboration

More than simply ‘working alongside', Saining Care endeavours to build strong partnerships with everybody involved in the care recipient's wellbeing. This includes the clients themselves, their families, other caregivers and healthcare professionals, ensuring no stone is left unturned in helping them live life to the fullest.R8_altText






Caring for a loved one can be stressful – But you don't need to do it alone.

To find out more how our home care in Edinburgh can help your loved one, just complete our enquiry form or call 07918 986253.

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Meet Our Senior Management  

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Silvia Esther Ekobo Idjabe – Director

Silvia has a Master in Business Consulting from the Business and Management School in Spain achieved 2021. She also holds a Degree in Management and Public Administration from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2016). 

Silvia is highly motivated and experienced  with a genuine passion for helping others. Drawn to the field by the possibility of making a positive impact every day, she finds endless satisfaction in supporting individuals to live fulfilling lives.

Beyond her technical expertise, Silvia possesses a natural warmth and empathy that shines through in her interactions with clients.  She takes immense pleasure in assisting individuals in achieving a better quality of life.


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Stephen Mashonga – Director

Stephen holds a Business Technology degree from UWS, University Scotland (2009).

He is driven by a deep commitment to helping others. 

As a director, Stephen's leadership extends far beyond simply managing operations.  He plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of our company, ensuring the highest standards are consistently delivered for every service user entrusted to our care.  He fosters a collaborative environment, actively liaising with colleagues and teams across different disciplines.  His dedication to continuous improvement ensures the development of high-quality care that empowers individuals to thrive.

Stephen's passion for compassionate care and his commitment to building a strong, collaborative team are at the heart of what makes Saining Care such a special place.


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Banungile Adela Ndimeni. Care Coordinator

Balungile's journey in care wasn't simply a career choice; it was a calling fueled by a desire to make an impact to people's lives. With a diverse background in various care settings, including care homes, homeless shelters, community care, and live-in care, Balungile brings a wealth of experience and empathy to his role.

Beyond her hands-on experience, Balungile holds a BA Honours degree in Business Management and Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University (2010).  She also possesses a strong business acumen, having previously worked as a contractor in various financial service roles for clients like Tesco Bank, Scottish Widows, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank, and HSBC Bank.  Currently, Balungile is dedicated to further enriching his knowledge by pursuing a law degree at Stirling University (4th  year).

This unique blend of caregiving experience, business expertise, and a thirst for knowledge makes Balungile a valuable asset to our team.  Her dedication to continuous learning and passion for helping others truly shine through in her interactions with clients and colleagues.



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