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Sharing the gift of a sound night's sleep

Many individuals, both seniors and those with disabilities, experience challenges at night, ranging from difficulty sleeping to anxieties about falls or managing personal needs.

Overnight care provides a compassionate and watchful presence in these crucial hours for the safety and peace of mind of everybody involved. Your loved one will feel safe, secure and cared for, while you can sleep soundly knowing they are in the most capable hands possible.


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Say goodbye to sleepless nights.

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What are the benefits of night care?

Improved Sleep Quality 

With a trained caregiver present, your loved one can rest easy knowing that help is readily available should they need assistance.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Having a caregiver present throughout the night provides a reassuring sense of security, which can be particularly important for those at risk of falls or who may require assistance navigating the home at night.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Knowing your loved one is receiving attentive care during the night can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for both them and their families, allowing everybody to relax and sleep soundly.

Personalised Support

Our caregivers are trained to address a range of nighttime needs, from assistance with toileting to medication reminders to simply offering companionship.