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Helping your loved one on the road to recovery

Regaining independence and returning to normality following a hospital stay, surgery or injury can be a challenge for anybody but especially older adults or those with health conditions.

Saining Care understands the importance of a familiar and comfortable environment during the recovery process, which is why we offer reablement care services designed to empower your loved one to safely and confidently regain their abilities to perform daily activities in the comfort of their own home.


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Let's work together to reclaim your loved one's independence.

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What are the benefits of reablement care?

Improved Independence 

Our reablement care focuses on re-learning and practicing daily living skills, leading to a sense of accomplishment and renewed self-worth. This boost in confidence allows your loved one to regain control over their lives and live more independently for longer.

Fast Recovery

With focused support and encouragement from our caregivers, your loved one can progress through the recovery process at a far faster pace. This serves to shorten the overall recovery time and allows them to return to their regular routines sooner.

Reduced Risk of Hospital Readmission

By addressing potential safety hazards in the home environment and providing oversight in daily activities, reablement care can prevent falls and accidents that would result in a return to the hospital.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Maintaining independence in one's own home can be a significant boost to one's overall wellbeing.